Seth Walker (USA)


Over the last decade, Seth Walker has become recognized as one of the most revered modern Americana artistsin the United States; a three dimensional talent who combines a gift for melody and lyric alongside a rich, Gospel-drenched, Southern-inflected voice with a true blue knack for getting around on the guitar.

In 2020, following up on his his most recentstudio album, ‘Are You Open?’ (produced by Jano Rix ofThe Wood Brothers), Walker will release a retrospective collection featuring choice cutsfrom his nine-album discography,studio rarities and previously unreleased live tracks. Walker will also release a handful of singles and tour extensively in the U.S. and Europe.

Currently residing in Nashville afterstintsliving in New Orleans and Austin, he’s used those experiences wisely,soaking up the sounds and absorbing the musical lineage of these varied places. With a bluesman’s respect for roots and tradition, coupled with an appreciation for—and successful melding of—contemporary songwriting, Seth sublimely incorporates a range ofstyles with warmth and grace.

All Music declares, "Walker is deft and elegant, weaving togethersounds and storiesin a way that has a quiet, lasting impact,” but perhaps Country Standard Time said it best:“If you subscribe to the Big Tent theory of Americana, then Seth Walker –with his blend of blues, gospel, pop, R&B, rock, and a dash country—just might be your poster boy.”